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We are your powerfull and capable partner for the issue to buying up scrap and metal.

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Whether worker, the Roman or Odin the father of the gods. All of them were addiccted to have a reliable supporter. We take your loads and reword you, just like a powerfull horse. We lend a hand because together we reach more.

You don´t appreciate not only on the core competencies also on quality, commitment and versatile service? You´ve come to the right company.

Let’s get down to business! With our practical and easy onlineservice you can look after our daily updated prices – anytime from everywhere! With that we wants to differentiate to the other competitor on one hand and on the other hand the customer benefit rise vast! In plain language it is your money!

Rely on us and you pick the winning horse!


!We don´t buy up iron!


2016 – the opening from the new office and warehouse

The time has come. We opened the doors early in january 2016 for our new office and warehouse in the commercial area of Nerja. We did´t expect such a big rush, but it was fantastic and we await a very positiv future.  Once again a big thank to everybody and on a quickly growing established clientele!

Bring all your scrap to us …

Do you still have any metallic objects or hidden treasuresin the attic, in the storeroom or in the garage? It is always worthwhile to look again. Meanwhile, many still don´t know that metal recycling pays off well for everybody. Give it a try and came to us and bring over your scrap. Even if you have no idea of metal or metal kinds, on our site you will be competently informed and served always in a very friendly way. This is our creed!