Scrap prices

Scrap prices

The prices down below are valid and mandatory till the next update. The prices are updated daily because the values of the commodity markets are changing everytime, sometimes up and sometimes down. If you came and bring your scrap to us, please don´t forget your ID-card / passport.

material / sort purchase price € / ton
lead 1.160,00 €/t
carbid metal
aluminium profile 1.400,00 €/t
tin 92-95 % 11.000,00 €/t
tin 99 % 21.000,00 €/t
brass 3.500,00 €/t
copper Millberry 7.000,00 €/t
copper heavy 98% 5.650,00 €/t
copper 95% 5.500,00 €/t
copper cable minimum 40% 2.000,00 €/t
Cu-Ms Radiator 1.600,00 €/t

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